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Auto Insurance

Do you know how to choose the right Maryland car insurance policy for your needs and budget? The state of Maryland requires all drivers have a certain amount of insurance in the event they are involved in an auto accident. Those insurance coverage amounts are typically $30,000 if one person is injured in the accident, $60,000 if two people are injured in the accident and $15,000 to cover any property damage. While state minimum insurance policies are cheap, the limits are often not enough to cover the full costs of the accident.

Car Insurance Basics

There are three basic types of policies in Maryland, including liability, collision, and comprehensive. Liability insurance is the least expensive type of policy. If you get into a car accident and you are the at-fault driver, liability insurance pays for the other driver’s injuries and property damage up to the policy limits.

Collision insurance generally costs slightly more than liability insurance. However, if you are the at-fault driver, the policy pays for the other driver’s injuries and property damage, and it pays for your injuries and property damage up to the policy limits minus your deductible.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage not caused by a car accident, including fire, theft and vandalism.

Getting the Best Rate on Your Auto Insurance

Most drivers want an insurance policy that is affordable over all else. Unfortunately, the cheapest insurance policies can end up costing you more money if you are in an accident, and the accident was your fault. Do you know how you would replace or repair your car after a car accident? Our independent insurance agents at WC Insurance Services in Maryland can help you get an insurance policy that meets your needs while being financially affordable. To get started, call our office or fill out our online quote tool.